Main Verbs + Hilfsverben + continuous

  To go      go                   goes               went           gone         will be      going (-ing)

              V1            V2                 V3              V4              V5              V6

   Present            he/she/it        Past Simple    Past Perfect     Future       Continuous

To work    work                 works             worked       worked        will be      working (-ing)

   To eat      eat                   eats                 ate            eaten         will be      eating (-ing)

 Beispiele (example sentences) 

I am going to school

You are going to school

They are eating

We are eating

John is eating

She is going...

It is working

was going school

You were going to school

They were eating

We were eating

John was eating

She was going...

It was working

I had been going to school

You had been going to school

They had been eating

We had been eating

John had been eating

She had been going...

It had been working

I will be going to school

You will be going to school

They will be eating

We will be eating

John will be eating

She will be going...

It will be working

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